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Ger Burke is a novelist and short-story writer. She has had literary successes in print and radio.
On career break from her job as a teacher of English and History she completed a creative writing course at Holyoke College , Massachusetts.

She is a co-editor of Crannóg literary magazine and a former correspondent for NWR radio.

Her novel My Father's Lands was published in 2010.

Braided Loves
A novel by Ger Burke
280 pp RRP  €12-00
ISBN 9781907017216

“... an honest and unflinching portrait of the damage that alcoholism can wreak on what is an already conflicted life.”           The Irish Times
"In Braided Loves Gerardine Burke brings the same deftness to this contemporary story as she did to her historical novel.This is no fluffy, pink popular escapism but a hard-hitting story that is braided with clear-eyed insights. It pulls real punches and forces us to confront such themes as alcoholism, sexual repression and religious differences by taking us into a world that is real and vividly imagined.Here we witness Teresa Goldstein in all her flawed humanity, artfully captured, where denial is her driving force. Her crumbling life brings her into many dark places, where love and living one day at a time are the only things that can bring her through. As a result, it leaves an indelible impression on her readers' hearts."
                                                   Geraldine Mills
"Teresa Goldstein is in meltdown. Teacher, writer, wife, mother--roles she can't juggle anymore. Braided Loves is an unflinching account of her struggle to make a new life and escape the demons from her past and present . Fresh starts aren't easy. Ger Burke tackles her themes with energy and verve."   
                                  Clairr O' Connor
"In clear, concise prose, Ger Burke maps the lonely route of Teresa Goldstein through family life, experienced by way of the lens of a bottle. By turns sad and insightful, Braided Loves is a thoroughly Irish novel packed with guilt, secrecy and hope."
                       Nuala O’Connor, author of Miss Emily

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