Martin Burke was born in Ireland but for the past 27 years he has lived in Brugge, Belgium .

He was active in the poetry scene in Ireland in the early 70's with poetry published in the Stony Thursday Book ( Limerick ), New Irish Writing ( Dublin ) and New poetry ( Cork ).

On the move to Belgium poetry ceased and it is only in the past four years that it has once again returned. Since then he has published several books and has developed a style of writing that draws on the visionary poets of the total poetic tradition and this is one that allows him to bridge the gap between the written and the spoken a development that culminated in the publication of KINGS-five poems for the theatre.

Indeed theatre is also a great love of his and he is in the process of setting up the Kosmos Theatre Group a bilingual theatre group (English and Flemish) - in Brugge.


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