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Warmly and lovingly crafted, The Way of the People is an engaging account of the values, faith, beliefs, practices and superstitions of the Roman Catholic people of Ireland during the period between the Battle of Kinsale (1601) and the Great Hunger (1845-1847) .


The Way Of The People by Leo Canny cfc

Title                                   The Way Of The People

Author                                Leo Canny cfc

Subject classification          Religion/History

Format/extent                   170x240 mm, 376 pp

Publication date                January 2012

Price                                 €25-00 PB

ISBN                                 978-1-907017-10-0

                  Praise for The Way Of The People

“The scope of this book is encyclopaedic, both in its broad sweep of material and kindly pursuit of unvarnished truth. This is not Church history in the sense of following systematically the proceedings and fortunes of the institution. It sets out, rather, to track as accurately and exhaustively as possible the religious mind of Gaelic Ireland, mainly through the immense manuscript literature and oral heritage of the oral language. Significantly, it does this for the first time. It is a rare treasure, a book that breaks new ground.

I earnestly pray that this book will have the wide circulation it richly deserves. In particular, it can be recommended as indispensable for teachers and students of social history, useful for homilists looking for fresh and interesting material, and, above all, rewarding for all who love the Church and who wish to nourish, and perhaps, recover their faith by revisiting in accessible language the humble desert experience of their ancestors.”

Cardinal Seán Brady of Armagh

“An essential work of Irish social and religious history. I am grateful to you for the privilege of having read it. It is a sad and yet a hopeful story of our people and the tragic holocaust which they were to endure at the hands of the powerful elites.”

Micheál Mac Gréil, SJ